Jamie Crofts & Duncan Bullen
Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing:
5 Paper panels (cm 13,7 x 13,7)
28-page booklet with liner notes by the artists
1 audio CD-R
2 data DVD-R

Limited Edition of 50 numbered copies
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Chromatic Fields are compositions for piano that make use of
the entire keyboard. Explorations of the expressive range and
depth of the instrument taking a unique view of the
instrument's sonic potential.
Chromatic Fields is the fruit of a world of relationships. The
relationships between the sound of a piano, the space of a
blank page, silence and emptiness, color and sound.
The chromatic sound fields of Jamie Crofts, the result of a
profound exploration of the relationship between composer
and performer, between written score and listener,
correspond with the visual works of Duncan Bullen. Each
translates to the other.
Bullen's work is naturally essential and absolute. His
expressive field, alien to the pictorial description, even to
the abstract one, is expressed in the primordial materiality of
the purest gesture and color.
Here, the element that unites sound and vision in this work is
precisely that of attention. An attention that also requires a
deep participation of its audience, both viewer and listener,
and that invites us to explore this world of relationships by
prompting unique emotions.

(Please note: due to the limited edition the audio and video
supports are CD-R and DVD-R, singularly printed and checked)

Jamie Crofts was born in 1961, Nottingham, England.
He works within the English Experimental tradition, combining
systems and processes with a distinctive intuitive voice. With
an interest in Satie's Furniture(furnishing) Music, Jamie
developed a music for static exhibitions with a focus on
design: Ikon Corporation, London. Studio Alchimia, Milan. V&A
Museum, London (The Cutting Edge, 1998). He has a particular
interest in speech as music, writing six spoken word operas
for solo performer. Jamie founded SOUNDkiosk editions with
Robert Orledge publishing first editions of work by Satie and
Debussy. Much of Jamie's work is piano based but with an
equal interest in hand held electronics. An interest in
psychogeography and liminality led to the extensive
Waterways of Lincoln project (2012-present) and the
multimedia project, The Denizen.

Duncan Bullen is an artist and academic with a primary
interest in process-orientated drawing. He studied Fine Art at
Leeds Polytechnic in the mid-1980s, before completing his MA
in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 1991. He was a
recipient of a Rome Scholarship, spending 1991-92 at the
British School at Rome. After this, he undertook a series of
residencies at the Eremo di Santa Caterina, a former
hermitage on the Italian island of Elba. He has had several solo
exhibitions and has participated in many internationally
recognised shows in the United Kingdom, United States, Latin
America, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. His writing includes
Drawing Colour: Between the Line and the Field, in Mobility of
the Line. Art, Architecture and Design edited by Dr.Ivana
Wingham, published by Birkhäuser, Basel in 2013. Based
within the School of Art, Duncan is Deputy Head of School:
Research & Enterprise at the University of Brighton, where he
is also Director for the Centre for Arts and Wellbeing.

Tracklist (CD):
1)  CF 42   (2:50)
2)  CF 43   (2:46)
3)  CF 48   (3:04)
4)  CF 49   (3:08)
5)  CF 50   (2:58)
6)  CF 40   (2:55)
7)  CF 36   (2:58)
8)  CF 67   (1:48)
9)  CF 66   (2:04)
10)  CF 61   (1:54)
11)  CF 70a   (3:12)
12)  CF 35   (2:54)
13)  CF 33   (3:17)
14)  CF 72   (3:03)
15)  CF 73   (3:15)
16)  CF 75   (6:09)
17)  CF 76   (3:12)
18)  CF 77   (3:07)
19)  CF 12   (3:00)
20)  CF 9   (3:11)
21)  CF 82p11   (3:38)
22)  CF 7   (1:47)
23)  CF 5   (1:34)

released 02/12/2020

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