ANTS, A New Timeless Sound // experimental record label established in Rome, Italy, 2001
Tom Johnson
Jewel Box case
8 pages booklet with italian/english text by the author
1 audio CD

€ 10,00
A music concerned for, as the author writes in the
disc notes, “… the importance of silence in
music…”. This work is conceived not “for organ”
but, really, for “organ and silence”, as the silence
is a fundamental part of it, and it’s not possible to
give it up. It’s an attempt, as the author explain “
to permit as much silence as possible, without
allowing the music to actually stop”.
Tom Johnson is one of the masters of minimalism,
but he combines this with rigorous logic. His work,
free from false glitters, defines, better that any
other one, the sense of a research the goes
beyond the strict genre definitions, and become
poetic application of original ideas.
Recorded in Nerinx, in Kentucky, spring 2001.
Wesley Roberts, organ.
All transparent jewel case. 8 pages booklet with
author's notes and bios, in italian and english.

track list
1)  III  01’49”
2)  IV  02’55”
3)  V  04’29”
4)  VII  05’10”
5)  VIII  05’42”
6)  XII  03’46”
7)  XVI  03’39”
8)  XVII  02’50”
9)  XVIII  02’57”
10)  XIX  03’56”
11)  XX  04’32”
12)  XXII  03’24”
13)  XXIV  03’38”
14)  XXV  04’47”
15)  XXVI  03’50”
16)  XXVIII  03’07”

released 17/11/2003

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