ANTS, A New Timeless Sound // experimental record label established in Rome, Italy, 2001
Pierluigi Castellano
Cardboard Folded cover
2 pages insert with text by the author
1 enhanced/audio CD-R

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“Zonacalda” is the literal translation for the biological/clinical
words “Hot Zone”, whose meaning is “deadly infective area“.
This work is about an inner journey, with a person infected
by AIDS. “Zonacalda” talks about his personal trouble,
psychological just before as physical. In the recitatives the
actress Federica Santoro personifies the ill and in the airs the
same role is committed to the baritone voice of Roberto
Abbondanza. The texts of John Keats (1795 - 1821), Johann
Wolfgang Goethe (1749 - 1832) and Tito Lucrezio Caro (I sec.
a.C.) were chosen and adapted by Francesco Antinucci for
the three airs sung by Roberto Abbondanza.
The first air’s text (from Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn”)
express considerations about art and the soft and sweet life
soon to disappear; in the second air (from Goethe’s “Faust”),
there is all the anguish for the near future and the refusal for
science, which seem not to be able to defend the man; in
the third air (from Lucrezio’s “De Rerum Natura”), we see the
last period of the character’s life, with a final acceptance of
suffering and, eventually, death.
Castellano’s music explicit itself in two distinct “voices”
(instrumental and compositive), followed by two different
approaches to the text. A personnel of exceptional musicians
performs in a gifted vein: Roberto ABBONDANZA  baritonal
voice; Federica SANTORO actress; Paolo FRESU trumpet;
Diego CONTI  violin; Fabrizio SPERA percussions; Luca
VENITUCCI keyboards, piano, melodica; Pierluigi CASTELLANO:
keyboards, piano, computer orchestration, director and,
special guest, Alvin CURRAN piano, shofar.
In few words, a formidable “opera”, in strenght and beauty.

Enhanced CD, readable on any CD player - for the Audio
section - and on any computer - both PC and Apple - for the
Multimedia section. The Multimedia, in HTML format, is legible
with any browser - Internet Explorer, Netscape - and include
all the texts from the opera, an interview with the author and
a discography.

track list
1)  Recitativo I  03'42"
2)  Ah Happy  08'16"
3)  Recitativo  II  06'02"
4)  Habe Nun Ach  08'40"
5)  Recitativo  III  06'05"
6)  Sic Alid  12'19"
7)  Appendix  I  07’00”
8)  Appendix  II  03’22”
9)  Appendix  III  07’03”

released 16/10/2002

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