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Sometimes few notes or a little melody are enough to fell in
love with an artist. Sometimes you need to search, to go
deep in the earth of the sound.
With Enomìsossab both these possibilities are true, and they
coexist together for the listener. In this album the very
beginning of "L'Elefantessa e la Leonessa Matta" shines with
the clarity of the vocalisation. And "El Mantra", following,
sediments layers of vibrant, tactile sound material using vocals
over a carpet of strings. And the other tracks drawn the
“map of chants” of this young Italian artist, heir of the great
Demetrio Stratos and few other “singers” of extended
techniques. Enomìsossab (or, vice versa, Simone Basso) find,
with this second CD, the key to open the door of a research,
“classically” suspended between rock and experimentation,
between popular culture and avant-garde roots.
"Co Coron Fon Fin Fun" is a vocal trick; "L'Ombra di
Mezzogiorno", is a “case of song” with class; "Crushed by the
wheels of industry" is the homage to the “punk” that’s gone,
a kind of dark ballad "a la Nick Cave". And the two versions of
"4 e 33", with John Cage - the “origin of all sounds” - as a pre-
text, are a kind of avant-garde electro-dada-blues, deeply
And there’s also the grimace, the taste for the quotation, the
theatrical invective (in "Propaganda Due", grown version of
the same piece on his first album) to testify of a complex
artistic personality and of a “physical” and “emotional”
attitude, absolutely uncommon.
Overtone chant, guttural sounds, linguistic deformations, the
“calembour” and the vocal contortion. We find all of these
and more in Enomisossab’s repertoire, founded, has to be
said, over a good writing vein, actively sided by a bunch of
“free mind musicians” (Franco Gullotta, Fausto Balbo, Luca
Miti, Alessandro Cerratti, Roberto Leardi, the Architorti)
during his solitary path.

track list
1)  L'Elefantessa e la Leonessa Matta 2'17"   
2)  El Mantra 8'50"   
3)  Co Coron Fon Fin Fun 4'52"  
4)  Crushed by the Wheels of Industry 4'45"
5)  L'Ombra di Mezzogiorno 5'09"  
6)  4 e 33 4'33"  
7)  Propaganda Due 16'28"  
8)  4 e 33 4'33"

released 28/04/2008

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