Luca Miti
Cardboard Folded cover
2 pages insert with score.
1 audio CD-R

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Luca Miti in his works tends to put himself in relation to the
sound, searching for the interaction between sound and
environment, and - more important - between the capability
to produce a sound and to receive it. Some “theatre” music -
raw excerpts of sparse, subtle electronic sounds (for “E non
mi resta che tornare solo”). The audio component of the
“sound installation” - “Mens Conclusa” - a loop with
scratching and clicking sounds and mutant voices. The
electronic interaction between two performers (Miti himself
and his long time friend Francesco Michi) in the long
“Giocattoli” (“Toys”) - a sparse sound ambient due to the use
of small, low-fi live electronics and “anachronistic” electronic
sounds. The sound flux (again from Michi and Miti) that de-
sign the time-space of specific place, in “II° Progetto per la
regolamentazione e l’ordinamento dei flussi estetici per la
comunità di Topolò 2001”. And then, to close, the soundtrack
for another theatrical piece; “Immaginate la notte”, modeled
on Massenet and pregnant with a lyrical atmosphere that
finally flows in a tonal ending for accordion; an amusing
counterpart for a work that well represent, even if in a
fragmented way, the sounding universe of the author.

track list
1)  Musica Per “E Non Mi Resta Che Tornare Solo”  15'37"
2)  Mens Conclusa + Tre Variazioni Su “Mens Conclusa”  08'09"
3)  Omaggio A Saverio Ungheri (excerpt)  01'00"
4)  Giocattoli  21'50"
5)  II° Progetto Per La Regolamentazione E L’Ordinamento Dei
Flussi Estetici Per La Comunità Di Topolò 2001 (excerpt)  05'02"
6-7)  Musica Per “Immaginate La Notte” (“Versione
Morlacchi”)  03'16" + 07'34"

released 17/07/2001

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