ANTS, A New Timeless Sound // experimental record label established in Rome, Italy, 2001
Francesco Michi
Cardboard Folded cover
1 enhanced/audio CD-R

Limited Edition of 100 copies / SOLD OUT
€ 5,00 buy Digital via BANDCAMP
"From a technical point of view the Sound Reportage are
timed recordings, made on an endless cassette, using a
cassette recorder without the erasing head. Various
recordings (little fragments of the existing sound material)
overlap in a quite random way; if the sounds that was
recorded before are enough loud and have a distinct
presence, they'll inform with themselves the recordings that
will overlap them. The dominant frequencies and the
characteristic of the sounds themselves and of the various
acoustic environments will be reinforced and will become
more and more manifest;  rhythmic elements, if they are very
frequent, will be magnified or overlapped, creating new
Sound Reportages are really researches about the
soundscape of certain environments, but I like to think on
them also as reflections about our own memory, in which any
new experience can magnify or fade or erase the memories
and the traces of the ones that came before."   Francesco
Enhanced CD, readable on any CD player - for the Audio
section - and on any computer - both PC and Apple - for the
Multimedia section. The Multimedia, in PDF format, is legible
with Adobe Acrobat and includes a printable booklet and all
the links to the web where other Sound Reportages are

track list
1)  Sound Reportage n. 1  12'00"
2)  Sound Reportage n. 5  12'00"
3)  Sound Reportage n. 7  03'00"
4)  Sound Reportage n. 8  06'00"
5)  Sound Reportage n. 10  12'00"
6)  Sound Reportage n. 13  12'00"
7)  Sound Reportage n. 15  06'00"
8)  Sound Reportage n. 16  12'00"

released 27/04/2003

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