Steve Peters
Cardboard Folded Cover
16-page booklet with notes and images of the installations
1 audio CD

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From the author’s liner notes: ”Chamber Music is a series of
sound installations derived from a single recording made in
the empty spaces in which they are later presented. No
people are present during the recording (including myself),
although some sound inevitably leaks in from the outside
world. That source recording is filtered to isolate and amplify
certain of the room's resonant frequencies, creating a series
of drones which are the only sound materials used; no
musical instruments are involved. The finished work is then
played back in the space at low volume.
Between 2005 and 2013 I made ten pieces in this series, each
somewhat different than the others in terms of form and
technique. I think of them as being related to light as much
as sound - the way natural light moves through a space, the
shadows and hue of the room shifting subtly throughout the

Steve Peters' sound art is completely out of the box and free.
HIs research addresses the intimate essence of the sound of
nature and things. For him every place is an instrument - in
the literal sense and in the musical sense of the word. A
place where sound already exists, or where it can be made to
exist. In the form that the place suggests and that the artist's
inspiration receives and regenerates. You can call it sound
art or compositions, installations or maybe songs. Either way,
it's a whole new world of sound sensations.
John Cage was the first to clear the sound of nature (and also
of human activities) as "music", and after him many other
artists followed him. Following this path Steve Peters found
his original voice in the places he's been and traveled. Most
of his music has a strong connection with the environment:
it’s made of it, it’s connected with it, it’s inspired by it, it’s
derived from it.

This CD edition edition contains excerpts from each of the
works in the series.  (There is also a BOX edition limited to 50
copies, with the complete versions of all the Chamber Pieces,
as well as several other related works - SEE HERE).

Steve Peters composes music and sound for concerts,
recordings, art venues, public places, dance & theater, radio,
and moving image. His work is often site-based, combining
location sound with voices, instruments, electronics, and
found or natural objects. He performs with the Seattle
Phonographers Union and in various improvising situations,
and frequently collaborates with artists in other disciplines.
He’s also a freelance producer, writer, and curator. His work
has been released by 12k, Cold Blue, Palace of Lights, and
several other labels. He’s the Director of Nonsequitur, a
historical non-profit organization presenting adventurous
music and audio art, currently via the Wayward Music Series
at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle.

Tracklist (CD) - (TT: 72:57)
1)  CM I: Suyama   (6:14)
2)  CM II: Atrium   (6:36)
3)  CM III: Silent Room   (6:00)
4)  CM IV: Filtered Light   (9:07)
5)  CM V: Stained Glass   (7:57)
6)  CM VI: Two Ways of Listening to Nothing   (7:58)
7)  CM VII: Solar Ring   (7:57)
8)  CM VIII: Particles / Waves   (7:01)
9)  CM IX: Northern Light   (6:08)
10)  CM X: Airforms   (7:59)

released 14/08/2023

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