Francesco Michi & Mechi Cena
Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing:
6 Paper panels (1 panel cm. 27 x 27; 2 panels cm. 41 x 27;
3 panels cm. 54 x 41) with texts, liner notes and photographs
1 audio CD-R
1 data DVD-R

Limited Edition of 50 numbered copies (printed material in English or Italian language upon request)

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FUORI is a creation by Giuseppe Chiari, the world renowned
Fluxus artist, dated 1965, that is usually performed (even if
performances are quite rare) in concert situations or
happenings. It is a verbal score: there is no music notation,
only instructions; there are no directions about time
duration. The performer has to describe the sounds he
listens in that very moment.

Francesco Michi and Mechi Cena conceived "Variazioni su
FUORI" as a new piece, a non-canonical version of Chiari’s
score, with several performers located in a non-concert
space and setting. In this occasion 8 performers recorded
simultaneously their version of FUORI: all in the same location
they described the same sound space, accordingly to the
criteria of the score.
After that, Michi and Cena arranged a multichannel
reproduction of these “tales of the listening”, trying to guess
what acoustic imagery they offer us and how this can help
our imagination to build a new, sustainable world of sound.

The "Variazioni su FUORI" created by Michi and Cena are a
sort of further investigation which, starting from a particular
idea of listening, updates and develops it, finally going to
invest different and multiple artistic fields. Not only the
sound, but also the language, the performance, the listening
and the understanding of the "sound landscape". A
multifaceted development which ideally unites Chiari with
Raymond Murray Schafer and which, today more than ever, is
extremely topical and interesting.

The enclosed audio CD contains the “final” binaural stereo
version, where the individual tracks have been assembled and
mixed, reconstructing, as far as possible, the position in
space of the performers in the first performance. You are
recommended to listen to the CD in headphones, possibly in
darkness or closing your eyes.
The data DVD instead contains the 8 “single parts” (in WAV
files), each of them mixed with a background recording of the
sound environment of the garden. In addition, in the DVD you
will find an iconographic documentation of the original
performance: a video made and edited by Elsa Mersi and
photographs by Sergio Garbari. Plus PDFs of all the texts (by
the authors and the performers) in Italian and English.
All completed by 6 folding panels (score of the piece -with
the autographed signatures of the artists- texts, photos, map
of the place of the performance).
Every box is numbered.

(Please note: due to the limited edition the audio and video
supports are CD-R and DVD-R, singularly printed and checked)

Tracklist (CD):
1) Variazioni su FUORI  63:50

released 16/02/2020

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