Gigi Masin
Cardboard Folded cover
1 audio CD-R

Limited Edition of 100 copies / SOLD OUT
The music of this CD came from the period1990-1992, with two
titles coming back from the eighties.
Masin’s poetry turn around the expanded sense of time of his
compositions. The music emerges from silence and to silence
return. The pieces are suspended moments in the stream of
time, shots of a personal sounding journey that show itself in
a clear form. All the tracks seems coming from a “limbo”, a no
man’s land of the eternal time, with a magical, and
imaginative, character.
The first element is the “imagination”: the imagination of the
author, who tends to photograph and short-circuit, in the
repetition, the sound particles, and the imagination of the
listener, discreetly pervaded by the music. The slow
minimalist sequences, the looping and lyrical melodies, the
obstinate electronic cadences, are the sounding signs of
Masin. Signs of the simplicity and, at the same time, the
depth of sound.

track list
1)  Intro  00’31”
2)  Valerie Loop  05’22”
3)  When Julia Smiles  03’31”
4)  Miren Maitea  03’02”
5)  Coltrane  02’38”
6)  Krill  06’32”
7)  Lovloop  04’08”
8)  Hiris  03’03”
9)  Sunshine Breakfast  02’40”
10)  Parallel Lines  02’33”
11)  Lontano  02’21”
12)  Waterblue  04’08”
13)  Watamu  04’38”
14)  The Jean Plan  03’30”

released 30/09/2001

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