Salvatore Linguido
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Salvatore Linguido worked on "A Time Analysis" from 2000 to
2006, goin' on in his radical research about time and sound
structures. Enlarging and expanding it beyond measure.  The
"linguidiana" survey comes to incorporate the time of life, not
just that of listening. Time and structure are inextricably
linked. The microstructures of the pieces, organized at the
changes and juxtapositions of sounds of programmed piano,
follow one another over an absolutely unusual period of time.
352 tracks of 4 minutes and 54 seconds each, covering a
period of 28 hours, 44 minutes and 48 seconds.

In the words of the author "Music is the means. The music
shows the shape of time".

* MP3 tracks mastered over a DVD-R. Playable on any DVD

track list
1) folder A, tracks 1 to 48
2) folder B, tracks 1 to 16
3) folder C, tracks 1 to 16
4) folder D, tracks 1 to 48
5) folder E, tracks 1 to 16
6) folder F, tracks 1 to 16
7) folder G, tracks 1 to 96
8) folder H, tracks 1 to 96

released 11/04/2011

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