Giuseppe Chiari
Cardboard box (cm. 9 x 6 x 4.5), with rubber stamp and paper sheet.

Multiple Limited Edition of 35 copies, signed and numbered.
An object of "sound" art! An artist's multiple that Giuseppe
Chiari and ants thought as stricly connected to music.
Chiari, the most important italian Fluxus artist, continue in his
"statement" production, short phrases conceived to hit and
provoke the public attention.
After the postcards reproducing several of his more
anticonventional music statements, here is the first sounding-
rubber stamp.
Not because it really "sounds" but because this statement
"QUIT CLASSIC MUSIC", tells us more (and with more strenght)
of the musical concepts of Chiari than a recording often can
As a record, the rubber stamp can be reproduced at pleasure
and, more than a record, the author's message is spreaded
and remain after.
Stamp all the Beethovens' records and the Brahms' scores you

It comes in a little white carton box (cm. 9 x 6 x 4.5), with
the rubber stamp "CHIARI - Quit Classic Music", with Chiari's
sign on the handle and a sheet with the statement hand
written for each sigle copy by Chiari itself and the rear

released 13/12/2002

ANTS, A New Timeless Sound // experimental record label established in 2001