If, Bwana / Al Margolis
Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing:
Mixed Media
(several music/sound detritus including broken  records, cassette tapes, compact disc, and all related material -booklet, covers etc
pieces of "real" original paintings)
Download Code Card

Limited Edition of 50 numbered copies
Another "surprise" box especially conceived and made for our
"sound-related" series.

The reflection made by If, Bwana/Al Margolis (as the two
faces of the same artist) are upon the concept of
communication in art.

What is the role of the artist and what is the role of the
Is any interpretation of art valid?
Is it possible to have a direct communication between the act
of creation and the act of seeing/listening?

Each boxset in this series of 50 is absolutely unique,
containing different slags of sound and vision (waste pieces of
sound media - but no sounding for the ear; cut pieces of
paintings - made by Al Margolis himself - but "partly" speaking
for the eye; blank cardboard, just to see/hear if there is a
void to fill - or not). Half of the edition is assembled in Italy
and the other half in the US, so you can even look at the
difference (or maybe you can even listen to it?).

We listen - but do we hear? We look - but do we see?

Each box will contain a card with a personal Download Code.
The customer will send us an email with the code, and we will
send the WAV file of the "sounding" part of the artifact.

A note: if you want to have the "European edition" you must
order it from us, but if you need the "US edition" you must
order it from www.pogus.com.
For the WAV file simply follow the included instructions.
Every box is numbered.

Peter Fork as Kalimba  13'44"

released 25/03/2017

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