Albert Mayr
Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing:
Verbal Scores (19 + 19 cardboard cards, both in italian and english)
9 panels (heavy paper) with photographs and notes, by Laura Monald and Albert Mayr

Limited Edition of 100 numbered copies
€ 30,00 buy via BANDCAMP
With this new release in the “box” series, ANTS continues to
propose "sound objects" that have to do with sound, even
without explicitly containing it in a predetermined form.
Starting from the experiences with the World Soundscape
Project by R. Murray Shafer and the study of texts by
Torsten Hägerstrand and Henri Lefebvre, Albert Mayr
processes a potential score, a path / game in the world of
sound and relationship with time and space. Albert Mayr’s
verbal score is constructed in the form of a series of
instructions provided to the potential user. It's a work that
affects the ability to concentrate and the analysis of sounds.
To do this Mayr offers us the most natural and obvious of the
listening spots; the one that most commonly we have
available: a window. The instructions contained in the cards
of the score (the choice of which can either be preordained
or random, full or partial, and that will provide a starting
point for further personal processing) are indications,
suggestions with the aim of helping in the work of "selection"
of sounds, devoting the proper attention, in a sort of training
program for improving the quality of our perception, in space
and time, of the sound world around us.
The boxset “finestra.window” is a set containing 38 graphic
cards (the Verbal Scores, both in Italian and English) arranged
in graphic form by Giovanni Antognozzi, plus 9 sheets with
sample photographs and critical notes by Laura Monaldi and
the author himself, still both in Italian and English language.
It contains no musical support.
Every box is numbered.

released 02/05/2015

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