ANTS, A New Timeless Sound // experimental record label established in Rome, Italy, 2001



March 2014 / Started our new BOX series! Artifacts connected to music. No more "only" CDs, but more complex
publications, mixing together different things (audio, video, texts, images, objects etc.).
The first number is by one of our most important artists: Gianfranco PERNAIACHI. His new work was released on
february 16, 2014, on the occasion of the Sound Installation he presented at the VISITAZIONI Festival held in Rome
during the past months (check out other many informations about the festival here).
Our releases are now divided in 4 catalogues: BOX / CD / CDR / SPECIAL.

March 2014 / Now you can listen to some samples on SOUNDCLOUD / / / / / / / / /   just click the icon!!

December 2015 / From now on you can even order all our available releases thru DISCOGS, plus several other titles
from Contemporary to Avant Garde to Experimental etc. 
Check the g.ants page regularly HERE

May 2015 / released the 2nd number in the new BOX edition series: ALBERT MAYR -finestra .  window
Take a look here

June 2014 / released the Catalog for the Festival VISITAZIONI, held in Rome, in winter 2014. HERE!

January 2016 / Opened the new page FORTHCOMING announcing the new releases: out in a month or so:
Gianfranco PERNAIACHI's ABENDLAND (BX03) and CONCEPTMUSIC by Philip CORNER (BX04). Check it HERE
February 2016 / CONCEPTMUSIC by Philip CORNER (BX04) released on feb 25. Check it HERE
Also, updated the site with addition of various sound bites on many of the release pages. Please listen to them. More